Services procurement

Services procurement includes consultancy services, business services and professional services, alongside freelancer engagements.

 It allows organisations to acquire the contractors, consultants, and outsourcers they need to win, serve and retain customers.

“An effective Services Procurement Strategy as part of a MSP can save over 20% of total spend”

James Bridgland, Consulting and Solutions Director.

Our bespoke offering is comprised of the following core modules:

  • Procurement expertise to drive the process to develop and enhance effective category strategies
  • Data around industry pay rates and rate cards for consultancy spend
  • A bespoke technology platform to provide visibility and control along with comprehensive finance information
  • An authorisation process to guarantee the requirement and the route to market are validated
  • PMO expertise to structure deliverables and outcomes and achieve your objectives
  • A consultancy marketplace  (access to freelancers and consultants)
  • One-off requirements enabling you to access our marketplace without committing to a long-term contract

Our solutions provide tangible benefits to clients wanting to improve their management of service providers within their organisation.

Improve Visibility

Robust reference and vetting process ensuring you know exactly who is entering your business.


Offer direct savings through a mandated and controlled process.


Ensure a competitive process offers best value to service users.

Reduce overspend

Reduce overspend and increase budgetary control through centralised timescale and resource management.

Quality focussed

Improve quality through access to a marketplace of proven and referenced suppliers.