Services Procurement

A City Council

Through a phased approach in order to give our client control and visibility of their spend, Consultancy+ focused on critical business areas first.

  • Children’s services
  • Technology

These are underpinned by our marketplace of consultancy organisations and individuals, giving our client access to new skills and helping them source niche requirements effectively. This marketplace also added competition to their requirements, ensuring that any chosen supplier would have been benchmarked against the market. Using our expertise across a number of industries, we ensured our client was obtaining the best value from their supplier.

Consultancy+ brought in a number of consultants under management, ensuring compliance with industry standards, giving our client a piece of mind. All contractors were structured effectively under the Statement of Work (SOW) ensuring the client was confident managing outcomes from the consultants.

This approach was implemented across a number of projects resulting in comprehensive reporting, displaying spend per consultant, per project, across the business function.

Following success in this space, we were able to implement this approach across a variety of services. This allowed us to build a clear picture of consultancy spend across the client, giving them the right tools to make strategic decisions. By controlling outcomes and implementing budgetary reporting we enabled the client to make substantial savings compared to if this spend went unmanaged.