Global Bank

Our consultancy team manage a 30 strong marketing and communications service to the Bank. As part of this solution we deliver all key outcomes required in relation to the Bank’s communication strategy through our team of qualified consultants. To ensure on-line and on-budget delivery of all services, our Project Management Office (PMO) manage all budgets in relation to services delivered as well as knowledge capture and milestone reporting.

Northern Council

The client was looking to harness the power of their employer value proposition to enhance their attractiveness to talent. They engaged Reed Consultancy+ to work with the business to deliver this project across three phases:

  • Creating an employer brand proposal including a clear proposition, brand images and messaging framework
  • Development of a multi-channel awareness campaign with messaging targeted at identified groups through specially selected channels
  • Embed all messaging and content in to each stage of their recruitment process

South Eastern Council

The internal recruitment team at the Council were looking to develop their understanding of how they could better promote their offering as an employer. We delivered a bespoke training course to cover:

  • How to write compelling content through the talent acquisition process
  • How to create a clear value proposition
  • How to create a marketing strategy to promote and broadcast that proposition