HR Consultancy

Drinks Manufacturer

In mid-2016 our client embarked on a period of business transformation affecting a major operations site.

Within this operation there were two key phases of transformation activity conducted between May and December 2016:

  • Phase 1 affected the management population at the site as well as engineering roles
  • Phase 2 affected manufacturing operatives

In both cases, the transformation activity resulted in a number of redundancies. We were engaged to support 73 affected individuals as well as manage assessment activity required to deliver external hires for any roles following the transformation activity that remained unfilled. This resulted in us delivering 80 assessments in phase.

Delivery Service Organisation

Over a period of 8 years, Reed Consultancy+ supported thousands of individuals across various parts of the group including mail centres, delivery offices and high street stores to make robust decisions about their careers, through the provision of a highly tailored outplacement support service for those leaving the organisation on voluntary redundancy .

We also supported front line operatives staff such as delivery drivers, as well as engineers, and various levels of management.

National Insurance Firm

Our client has been through a period of major change over the last 24 months. During this time, we supported them with change management workshops, outplacements services and assessment for redundancy support. During the most recent of this projects, we supported their network of over 330 stores in undertaking a significant business transformation, part of which involved reducing the number of individual retail locations to 195. This change resulted in branch manager positions being placed at risk. As part of our service our consultancy team designed the process, scheduled and delivered all assessments and produced all output data for review and action.

Global Bank

Working with the operational side of our client, we have delivered three key projects in relation to their HR and Talent function.

1.Review of the organisation’s assessment and selection process to bring in-line with staffing requirements and company culture

2.Discrete project to review attrition and exit management in areas of high staff turnover

3.Review of the organisational approach to diversity and inclusion

Global Bank

Our client engaged us to review their competency framework for graduate recruitment as the behaviours were seen as difficult to observe and measure. Reed used the competency framework as the basis for redesigning the graduate selection process and designed a short interview, group exercise and a written exercise as an initial assessment, along with a presentation, communication exercise and a full competency based interview, which was undertaken by line managers at second round assessment events. Central to each exercise were scoring criteria which focused on assessment of observed behaviour and assessor guidance around how to administer and score the exercises. Reed Consultancy+ also designed and conducted assessor training for the line managers to ensure all assessors were consistent and objective in their assessment.

Building Society

Our client engaged Reed Consultancy+ to undertake a full review of processes to ensure they identified, recruited and retained the best talent to meet FAS regulations and provide a higher level of customer services. We delivered the following:

  • In depth job-role analysis and creation of detailed job descriptions
  • A flexible assessment material library to use across all levels
  • Innovative on-line traffic light assessment tool
  • Intensive training course for senior management


Our Consultancy Services Strategic Research team conducted labour market and candidate availability analysis specifically relating to the recruitment of part-time staff. The outcome was a report outlining the likelihood of successful recruitment by site and the identification of part time working groups to target attraction activity towards, with specific details by site location. This allowed our client to assess the scope for such recruitment at each site.