• 5th April 2017

How to register as a supplier of consultancy services to the public sector

How to register as a supplier of consultancy services to the public sector

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As a provider of unique new solutions designed to give public sector organisations access to consultancy services across the UK, Consultancy+ are looking for a variety of new suppliers to join the supply panel. Whether you are an individual consultant, a consultancy firm or a supplier of interim senior business consultants this is an excellent opportunity to grow your client base.

Working through Lot 2 of the YPO HR Services Framework, Consultancy+ have created a compliant route for public sector organisations to access a range of skills and provide a level playing field for suppliers of all sizes. Public sector organisations can either use known consultants from the local community by engaging them through the YPO Framework, or utilise the expertise of Consultancy+ and its supply chain to procure skilled workers and consultancy organisations that are correctly matched to their requirements. As a consequence consultancy services are procured at a fairer price, controlling overspend and slippage on commercial projects.

Suppliers will benefit from a compliant procurement channel in line with all EU legislation. The solution allows suppliers to both win their own business with public sector organisations and then deliver this through the Consultancy+ payroll-only facility, and to access requirements from new organisations as part of the supply chain. This is a fair and transparent commercial model and contract to ensure suppliers are rewarded fairly and can start work quickly, whilst there will be no effect on their current business relationships in the public sector.

The service is available for use from October 2016, and with several interested public sector organisations it will not be long before consultancy services are being supplied through this service. The supply chain will continue to grow and adapt to the variety of consultancy requirements, register now for the opportunity to work with the public sector across the UK.

Registration is simple:
1. Email steve.dilley@reedglobal.com with your details
2. Fill out the subsequent request for information survey
3. Pass credit and insurance checks, and agree support supplier contract