Health and Care

Delivering care solutions throughout the public sector is becoming an increasing challenge for organisations. Growing case load pressure, diversity of requirements and scarcity of resource all mean that several key initiatives are left under-resourced and under-performing.

To help you solve these challenges, we combine the public sector project expertise of Consultancy+, with Reed’s access to the strongest talent.

Consultancy+ deliver project based solutions that add specialist skills and expertise to your teams but delivered through our dedicated programme management office.

Our project teams include: trusted assessors, best interest assessors, mental health assessors, fostering & adoption assessors, department auditors, team managers, educational psychologists, qualified social care experts, programme leads. project managers and more.

Key features of all of our services include:

  • Performance based commercials. You only pay when we deliver
  • The best available expertise. Our Care Consultants are screened to the highest standards and all come with previous project testimonials to ensure you are getting the very best healthcare professionals
  • Quality assurance throughout the process. From the Team Managers we deploy through to the robust QA process delivered by our project team
  • Full visibility and control over all resources. Periodic progress and milestone reporting

If you want more information, then contact one of our experts:

Lucy Boyd-Smith
Principal Consultant