Cyber Security and Ex-Officer

As the risk of on-line cybercrime increases, alongside complex money laundering and financial crime scheme, it is becoming of significant importance that organisations have an understanding of risk and how to effectively manage it. This is both from a current threat assessment perspective and an ongoing need as threat approaches continue to evolve and become increasingly sophisticated.

Our specialist practice works with a number of former criminal experts and investigators and cyber specialists to offer information, strategic support and on-site project delivery to help protect our clients.

We cover the following areas:

  • Overall strategy and program management
  • Police & criminal investigation
  • Threat assessment and protection
  • Stress and PEN testing
  • Compliance and risk management

Our services offer our clients a number of benefits

  • High quality expert consultant support
  • Full compliance management
  • Robust program delivery
  • Risk and change management support

And we have experience of working with a number of high profile complex organisations

Consultancy+ was appointed in October 2018 to deliver part of our anti-money laundering and financial crime programme. During this programme the team has flexed from 12-25 on-site consultants depending on the delivery phase and Consultancy+ provide on-site project support alongside key project and contract reports to help identify and manage issues and challenges associated with the programme.

Over the last 6 months we have been able to show a significant reduction in cost alongside an increase in quality of delivery.

Consultancy+ are a valued partner who always looks to work with us to support the changing goals of a fast moving operation.